R410A Phase-Out Comenses, Inviting A2L To Take Place In All New HVAC Units.

Here’s what customers need to know.

A2L refrigerants will replace the current R410-A in a phase-out transition for all new packages and split HVAC units. Expect manufacturing to initiate a halt in production of R410-A equipment for split units or new installations, effective Jan 1, 2025.

What is A2L?

A2L lies within the family of HFOs (hydrofluoroolefins), which are often blended with HFCs (hydrofluorocarbon) such as R-32 to make a refrigerant blend that provides a much lower global warming potential. A2L is an environmentally friendly replacement for the current refrigerant, R410-A, used in most recent/current HVAC systems.

When put up to the test against current refrigerants, A2L is categorized as providing a lower global impact in congruence with improved safety to owners as a result of its overall lower toxicity, flammability, and velocity levels.

What does this mean for me? Is my unit compatible?

Owners of such units need to know that in order for you to replace your existing unit with A2L, your model will need to be compatible with its blend. If that is not the case, you will essentially be required to have the entire model replaced with one that is specifically manufactured to use A2L refrigerants.

For current and recent owners of R410-A models, there is no need to immediately replace your unit to comply with A2L refrigerants. This is because your unit is considered to be in good standing and ready to last many years.

However, keep in mind that if your R410-A unit needs to be repaired, you may be faced with difficulties during this phase-out. This means repairs will be harder to achieve and potentially more expensive because A2L cannot be used in air conditioners, heat pumps, or other units designed for most older refrigerants such as R410-A. Therefore, switching to a completely new unit compilable with A2L refrigerants is a dependable way to ensure your unit makes a smooth transition into experiencing all the benefits A2L has to offer.

How does this benefit me long-term?

Although the purchase of units using A2L may be costly, the benefits toward monthly utility bills, in addition to the fewer and less expensive refills, will prove to be impactful and well worth the initial install.

In some cases, A2L refrigerants such as R32 are composed of a single compound, making them easier to manufacture, resulting in greater savings for you in the long run. A2L refrigerants have impeccable heating and cooling performance when in use, providing excellent comfort and minimal waste, without the harmful impact to the ozone layer. When put to the test against alternatives, A2L has proved to perform better both financially and economically. Making it a smart choice for your home or business.

Consult a Shaws Home Comfort technician today for more details on how they can facilitate you into this next-generation technology.

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