Variable-Speed Heat Pump Systems: California’s Solution to Reduce Impactful Emissions

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In true California fashion, the state has taken the lead in transitioning out of all natural gas furnaces by the year 2030, as a result of the ever growing negative human impact on the earth’s ozone layer. Currently, the most environmentally friendly change a HVAC owner can make to their preexisting system are variable-speed heat pumps.

To incentivize this globally beneficial transition, California is offering rebates for up to $2,000 on qualifying systems; $1,000 for each variable-speed heat pump needed for your space.

What is a variable-speed heat pump?

Variable-speed heat pump systems are the most complex and efficient systems, with the ability to run while considering both indoor/outdoor temperatures, combat humidity levels, and exert the most streamlined form of energy. These pumps require far less power resulting in fewer expenses, while providing impressive accuracy, meeting your heating and cooling needs.

Key Features

Units with variable-speed heat pumps are there to save you money and energy in the long haul. They have the advanced feature of operating at much more than just an on/off function. In contrast, variable-speed heat pumps have technology that operates on more complex variables while taking into account sustaining energy that provides optimal cost savings.

The pump’s main goal is to reach the desired input and stay there while adjusting to a level of operation where the unit can conserve as much energy as possible and maintain the level of comfort that is desired.

Variable-speed heat pumps can convert the humidity in the space into cool air, as a unique feature to create a balance of moisture during its refrigeration cycle.

Furthermore, variable-speed heat pumps run in longer cycles. This means the noise of turning the unit on or off is far less noticeable because energy is conserved and in turn sustained. This means the unit runs uninterrupted and quietly once the desired temperature has been reached.

In addition, because variable-speed heat pumps are not continuously starting and stopping, the pump has an opportunity to streamline filtration in the air for long durations, which provides cleaner air.

Get on board

Stay ahead of the curve, contact Shaws Home Comfort today for more information on how they can help you take advantage of variable-speed heat pumps in your home.

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